out with my m8s

Me and my m8s is now in the costa coffee in tesco prestwich drinking a few coffee we’re all wired lol drop in sometime we are quite often there.

Moving Back Home


Recently i decided to move to a hospital closer to home, this would have been easy if the funding bodies for where i’ve lived in the recent past and the future funding bodies could agree on who’s to pay for this.  So i’ve been having to write letters and be motivated enough to move things along a bit.  I’ve also recently been promoting my website. There (fingers crossed) be a bit more traffic to my website now…

bigup team gb

good luck to all the people at team gb lets get loads of gold medals

Care system that doesn’t care

I really wish ppl wouldn’t think of me as dependant I’m independent and I believe most disabled ppl would feel the same

Big up Nikki Menage

Was listening to nikki ménage on radio 1 all last night she rocks

big up radio one

i was listening to the radio one rap show charlie sloth http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00s5l3r in the wee hours of the morning and a rather aggressive anti goth rap came on so i just had to wear my cyberdog hat. I felt rather conspicuous today and i think someone else may have heard the rap lyrics and seen the cyberdog hat though i am not sure. being the center of attention isn’t my intention though. I call myself darkbliss because of the narcosis (in the drug like sense of the word) that i have suffered since the age of 12. The doctors have now identified a tumor and i believe that it is this that causes me to be a satyromaniac as well as causing other probblems luckily the meds control the symptoms fairly effectively but make me a little airheaded.

about the symbols

i had these visions from july to december 2011 i did not have a chance to upload them for the general publics perusal until recently i hope that somebody can help me to identify these symbols and what they mean if you have any ideas or you just want to chat drop me a comment and i promise i will respond to you.

fifthteenth symbol


hebrew script (cheth,mem,nun,ayin, qoph, mem, ayin, cheth)

fourteenth symbol

hebrew script (he, vau or nun, ayin, cheth)

thirteenth symbol

hebrew writing (cheth, mem, nun, ayin, qoph, mem, ayin, cheth)