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ninth symbol


Aagain i don’t know the hebrew for this symbol…

eighth symbol


i think this one may be in alistar crowleys magik book but i’m not sure…again i don’t know the exact hebrew

seventh symbol


Can’t rememmber the hebrew that surrounded this triangle

sixth symbol

this was just hebrew writing (Daleth, Aleph, Vod, Tzandi, Lamed, Cheth)

Fifth symbol


this isn’t proportional but there where two rows of hebrew and what i belieieve to be an arc in the center apparently this symbol is ound in synagougues at least thats what i was told by someone.

symbol 4


this symbols was black and appeared when thinking loosely about the future

Got to go now…

i will finish off the symbols being posted in the next computer session i have thanks to i have been able to get my site up and running again damon your a star…

If you post a comment now i will be able to respond as the webbots that where spamming me have been sorted see you all soon


Third Symbol i saw


I saw this symbol when i was resting in bed each arc had hebrew in it again i can’t be sure what hebrew i saw

second symbol i saw

This is the second symbol/seal i saw it had hebrew in the seals relief and a triangle pointed up ward in the center it was black and i saw it near a electricity substation

First Symbol


This is the first symbol i saw i saw the one on the left first it was blue then i saw the seal with a 7 pointed star in the center (my drawing of it is not so good that was white and had hebrew around it but i can’t remmember the hebrew then the 5 pointed star to the left appeared in red all 3 stayed in my feild of vision for about half a minute. this seems quite a significant one…