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New lyric/parables?

I’ve started reading the symbols more specificly in space and used 5 horizontal and 4 vertical points of refrence aslo i have read them as a list starting from the right this is the latest one based on the music i listened to last night.

Finite Hippocryte least ice,

Front god liked,

True no mind lier,

everywhere not liked fight fool.

oblivion light damaged laugh,

came death hurts fight in such schwein dead shining,

not dreams and dreams,

alan speict hear me love homeless, difficult.

corpereal whispering schein lier,

open memory done humanitys inhumanity familiar speil grendle ground it leads to untruth power fire continue no bier finnish devil,

no consequence still nowhere what death normal humanity passion selfdestruction i will not see back understanding love amazing geiber vartar,

new time aller scheit.

there bous perfection safe place,

god mieler,

medicine evil walks breeding fusch skin dying nothing devil will love speiler meiner rules,

rage uncertain hurts new freind end fusch vielerspect,


forever mine move no whore marshall scheck micht lost,


this one i think makes more sense and i haven’t added a single conjunctive word. if you find this intresting email me.

I’ve got an idea for a product

Because this website is copyrighted this offers a certain degree of protection unless someone has patented this idea before me.

I may look into patenting this idea very soon.

Here it is:


Some of the newer brands of phone have the capacitity to record hi quality video content, my idea is to setup a website that sells a peice of software for people who have these phones. The peice of software would record their day to day events by having the camera pointing out on jackets and cloathes that would be sold by the same website. A button could be pressed so that it would put the phone into secrecy mode and the website would allow people to mark out specififc events and occassions of intrest. There could also be software to record on screen computer activity and also the website would have eventually have ongoing journalists and people of intrest to the general public.  In theory over the 3g networks it would be possible to broadcast a realtime stream and if the compression was designed properly then the bandwidth should be enough to broadcast a stream of reasonable quality.

Scientists at convention and buisness people as well as other people who work in a academic setting would be a major market for this product.

So what do you think i know it’s not very original but email me and tell me what you think.

What should i call them?

Here’s another of these written from my scrying (or whatever it is…) if you have any idea of a name to give these written tracts email me at

here it is then:


Sent and got drink,

Chaos and bliss,

Let in tommorrow,

My Mind is violent,

Darkbliss you will die of cancer.

Abusing noone.

One spark surrender.

Wanted and evil,

(i’m missing some german lyrics here i don’t want to get sued)

Got intens,

Satan get me,

Die harder,

Sign of the dead is psycho.

You tit’s are to blame.

Underlying one spark,

Leave, Cough soul.

Noone waiting to glimpse the dark background,

Noise is soul and self.

Noise is when one love one voice is neverending.



crush and fade us,


Die Echo Die Echo,

The Tall One whispers.

Sin Think and feel,

You freaky wierdo.

Bliss is not fame damn.

Warm rain on our skin.

Facts carry Dogma.

The soul is Money.

Revaloution rebellion repent.

Feel the sun soul (i think this may be a refrence to god but i don’t know),

Fit in your Soul,

List your soul,

Go with your soul,

Final Chantelle is the last sign.

Shine mein leich,

Frustrate and tame the darkforce,

This dumb pricks rhythm is a freak.

Leave me empty.

Why darkbliss leet?

Take it, Take it,

to the self.

In My Head, Um, Afeter  all i am empty.

All alone really.

Stepback My Soul its empty.

Sinner or saint,

Perv or infinate sub,

Rise and fly back.

So you can die closer.

Know the answers in 7 days.

Out the infinate submission,

123 go damn, and change the truth.

Closer revolution closer.

The mind conspiracy challenges the dynamic.

No success, be born, be born in agreement, no.

The lion means Poets.

Holy Machine of Machines.

Little, litlle music fearing machines.

Die Fuckers, suicide.


and thats it….sometimes i scare myself with this shit lol

lyrics…Kind of…

This is kind of wierd…i know…but i’ve been using what i see in music (scrying?) to write some things Most of the lyrics i have written have been based on these things except the blackmilk poem and lyric.

If you have some idea of what i might be thinking…drop me a line.

heres the first one:


My Harmony is a sould of pain,
He is now defined,
Play hard,
Fuck the signs,
This is funny,
Sign the document i will,

Bare signs,
Hard of sould i will,
Fuck it has no meaning,

Responsibility for one voice,
I am Fear,

Know My soul,
For sucker,
The secret before it darkens doesn’t save us.

Be Sin,

Alive in a warm rain my spirit will fall,
Fall My spirit floureseces as i gag and fall,
The door to rebellion is spineless,
Black fictions of our soul are darkness sublime.

Why power Sire?
Why beautiful soul?
Your ego and sould are empty,
Your spirit but all alone.

Submissive soul stop and treat yourself,
The afraid shall rise and die.
Rise up truth,
So many revelations,
Sin and mind national security.

Face the screams of your identity,
Conspiracy of the living is a little outreached.
Synchronize little shame my soul.

It’s a little bizzare i know but i have another that i will write in a moment.

New Lyric

Snakeroots reality is a life of liers forever and forever,

Are you getting fate mary?

This eternity for humans who fly don’t have life.

And meanwhile the evil mistress gets it together.



The refelctions find Isolation in my grace,

I wouldn’t apologize for the insanity you hand,

I will hold you all and fraternize for life,

Together we know Meds are poison not protection.


Your Broke my Restless Space,

The Fallen Fall,

Blind Life You Broke,

Not asked to Walk,


Tied Hands Are Blind,

Awake you emobodied and Break.

New Lyric

I Spite Happy garbage Flows,

Your a Boor you freakazoid,

Hip-Hop Lose your Fundamental Strip,

In Disbelief lose your distracting Mc’s

Complex Complete Rhymes are my method.

New Lyrics

Freaks and Geeks  they know rolling  plots,

Benjamins and dough Gunning know,

We’re low,

Sharp Black Magic,

For our Digital Patch,

Spitting Hoofs to your Area Code.

YtCracker N.E.S

Found the Video to YTcrackers N.E.S