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state sponsored suicide

whats the point of making organisations to help the disabled. if the only thing they do is increase the stress of the mentally disabled. its obvious that they make things so f###ing difficult to get what you need that your stress levels take you over the edge. problem solved, no more letters or anything. just the void.


Level 1: Computer hacked/ Information Intrusion

Level 2: Referentialism (changes in patterns of peoples behaviour)

Level 3: Physical Intrusion (Changes in personal enviroment)

Level 4: Signals to leave and does so

Behavioural Classifiers

DNR (Directed Negative Refrences) ~ Verbal harrassment and intimidation, (in the absence of Validation Paranoia  May Ensue (However if the behaviour can be classified and fitted into a logical explanation then paranoia will probbley not ensue)

3PNR (Third person negative refrences) ~ Negative refrences in the third person generally are ignored by people however if a person feels the refrence is to himself they may become Neurotic Explanation generally gives an outline of the persons complexes.

NR (Negative refrences) ~ Negative refrences generally make a person paranoid if the person believes it to be a slight or that the person didn’t have the front to say it directly to himself again with explanation and logic the probblem can be resolved